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Animal Care - 1/4 oz

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Alpine Azalea • Black Tourmaline •  Chiming Bells • Cotton Grass
Horsetail • Jadeite Jade • Lady's Slipper

Animal Care is a special blend of Alaskan flower and gem essences created specifically to assist in animal rescue work, although it can be given to any animal in need. It will be most valuable when integrated into the initial care provided any animal who arrives at an animal shelter, treatment center, veterinarian clinic, or sanctuary. This formula is also a must when adopting a “rescue” animal.

Use Animal Care for domestic animals who:

  • Live in large cities, are restricted from normal contact with nature, and are alone for much of the day.
  • Have been voluntarily given up to an animal care shelter because their owners can no longer care for them.
  • Have been abandoned and then rescued off of the street after a prolonged struggle for survival, and are proving difficult to re-home.
  • Have lived in toxic or abusive environments.
  • Are exhibiting self-aggressive behavior.

Use Animal Care for wild animals who:

  • Are brought to a clinic because they have been injured or their habitats have been damaged or destroyed.
  • Have lived in pet shops and subsequently in the homes of people, in isolation from other members of their own species.
  • Are agitated, irritated, and exhibiting aggressive behavior, which may be endangering themselves, other animals, or humans.
  • Must be kept in captivity in a shelter, sanctuary, or zoo, because their injuries cannot be fully healed, and they need to be handled in order to receive treatment.

Application: For acute situations, dilute 2-4 drops in water and give orally. For chronic situations, add 2-4 drops to the watering container whenever it is refilled, for as long as needed.