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Soul Support - 1/4 oz

Price: $9.45

Cattail Pollen • Chalice Well • Cotton Grass • Fireweed
Labrador Tea • Malachite • River Beauty • Ruby • White Fireweed

Soul Support brings strength, balance, and stability during emergencies, stress, trauma and transformation, while providing support to rejuvenate and restore balance on all levels. This formula is known to be helpful in the following situations:

  •   Accidents involving injury, shock, and/or trauma
  •   Emotional catharsis and violent outbursts
  •   Fear of flying and motion sickness
  •   Before, during and after visits to the dentist
  •   After a fight, argument, or disagreement
  •   After receiving "bad" news such as a death in the family
  •   Divorce, job changes, and moving to a new place
  •   Post traumatic stress
  •   Before and immediately after surgery and during recovery
  •   Abrupt and/or major changes in plans
  •   In wild animal rescue and rehabilitation work
  •   For any transition, challenge, or initiation

Application: In times of acute stress take four drops directly from the bottle under the tongue, or add to a glass of water or juice and sip frequently. If the person needing Soul Support cannot drink, several drops of the stock concentrate can be rubbed on their lips, temples, or on the pulse points of the body. Dosage bottles can be made up ahead of time by adding four drops of stock to an one-ounce dropper bottle, filled with 75% water and 25% percent brandy or vegetable glycerin.

Soul Support can be used by the whole family. For children, dilute the stock drops in water if giving orally. Animals may receive the stock directly, or it can be sprayed on or around their bodies. This formula should not be used as a substitute for qualified medical care or intervention.