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Pregnancy Support - 1 oz

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Balsam Poplar • Bog • Devil's Club • Diopside • Emerald
Grove Sandwort • Ladies' Mantle • Northern Lady's Slipper

This formula was inspired by the work and research of Cynthia Abu-Asseff, a flower essence therapist and mother living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Cynthia started using the Alaskan essences with mothers and babies at a center called Projeto Renascer in January of 1999. This center was started in 1991 by a service oriented spiritual group led by Cynthia's parents. In the years since it’s formation, the center has helped thousands of women and children.

The inital formula used at the center, and from which Pregnancy Support was developed, was created to nourish, protect, and facilitate the entire birth process, from conception onwards. Its primary action is to help the mother to be meet the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that can arise during this life changing event. Pregnancy Support can be used:

  • To help a woman create and nurture a sacred space in her life and body to support the growth and development of her baby.
  • To assist both the mother and the indwelling soul in clearing any ambivalence they have about being on the Earth
  • To help mothers strengthen their connection with the Earth so they can provide nurturing energy for themselves and their families.
  • To enable women who themselves suffered from a traumatic birth to heal this trauma so they can offer a stronger body/soul connection to their babies
  • To develop and strengthen the energetic triad between the mother, father, and baby

Application: Pregnancy Support can be used from the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth of the child. Apply topically by adding it to moisturizing creams or lotions that are used during the pregnancy, or take internally as needed.