Alaskan Flower Essences

What Are Flower Essences?
Flowers are the crowning achievement of the plant kingdom, divine expressions of creativity made manifest through heavenly scents and stunning displays of color. This divine creativity is also present on a subtle vibrational level, where each flower embodies a life-affirming pattern of conscious energy. These patterns have their origin in the higher dimensions and are manifested in our physical world through the specific form of each plant.

Flower essences are a transference of these positive patterns of energy into a liquid medium. This is accomplished by placing a bowl of pure water next to healthy flowers that are at the peak of their blossoming cycle. This liquid is then left to potentize in the sun. The resulting "potentized water" is then preserved and diluted for internal and external use.

The positive patterns of energy embodied in flower essences awaken dormant qualities of consciousness within us and stimulate the release of blockages to our spiritual evolution, which can be seen as the ongoing process of anchoring our spiritual selves into our physical bodies.

Flower essences are unique in that they are a source of intelligent healing energy that is available to both educate and empower the person taking them. They may be readily introduced into any health care program, and do not interfere with nor are they adversely affected by other forms of treatment, such as homeopathic remedies or prescription drugs. They may be safely used by people of all ages, and can also be a gift of healing to members of the animal and plant kingdoms

Flower Essence Practitioner Kit
Our Flower Essence Practitioner Kit contains 72 essences prepared from wild and domestic flowers growing in the state of Alaska. The development of this kit spanned eight years of field work and required thousands of miles of travel throughout the Alaska wilderness.

The majority of essences in this kit were prepared in the vast central interior of the state. This bio-region lies between the broad and sweeping expanse of the Brooks Range to the north and the majestic Alaska Range to the south. Plant families in the central interior are very widespread in their range and dominant in their habitat. This means that there are a relatively small number of plant species, but these species occur in huge communities that often extend in unbroken profusion for hundreds of miles. These plants form the vegetative core of the northern or boreal forests of the planet, and the essences prepared from them help us transform our core life patterns-those ways of thinking, feeling, and doing that have the most dominant and widespread impact in our lives.

This kit also features essences of plants that are somewhat rare in occurrence and more specialized in their growth patterns, including those from in the extreme northern interior and alpine areas of the state. Summer here seldom lasts for more than 65 days, however, plants grow at a phenomenal rate during this time due to the constant presence of sunlight. Consequently, essences prepared from these plants express an intensity that encourages us to resolve our issues of trust, self acceptance, and openness to abundance, so that we can experience the fullness of life in each moment.

Also included in this kit are 12 essences made from green flowers. These essences are evocative of some of the most subtle levels of healing that have even been explored with flower essences. During their preparation, we were constantly asked to open our hearts to increasingly subtler levels of healing energy. As we responded to these invitations, we were shown how these essences clear levels of pain and trauma held deep in the heart, a process that enables us to come to a point of true balance within ourselves, and consequently, to a place of genuine contact and partnership with nature.

To view a picture of each essence flower and see the healing qualities and indications for each of the 72 essences contained in our Flower Essence Practitioner Kit, click on a page link below or to the left.

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