Alaskan Flower Essences


Alder Alder - Alnus crispa
Indications: taking life at surface value; unable to see what one senses to be true.
Healing Qualities: promotes clarity of perception on all levels; helps us integrate seeing with knowing so that we can recognize our highest truth in each life experience.

Azalea Alpine Azalea - Loiseleuria procumbens
Indications: self doubt; withholding love from ourselves; unable to have compassion for ourselves.
Healing Qualities: helps us achieve unconditional self-acceptance through the release of self-doubt; opens our hearts to the spirit of love; teaches us compassion through understanding.
Balsam Balsam Poplar - Populus balsamifera
Indications: inconsistent emotional and sexual response, often resulting from shock and trauma or a lack of grounding.
Healing Qualities: for the release of physical and emotional tension associated with sexual trauma; balances the circulation of life force energy in the body; helps to ground and synchronize our sexual energy with planetary cycles and rhythms.
Black Spruce Black Spruce - Picea mariana
Indications: contracted view of life; tendency to forget information learned from past experiences; out of touch with the wisdom of the soul family.
Healing Qualities: promotes the integration of information from past lessons and experiences into present time awareness; helps us access eternal and archetypal wisdom from the collective consciousness of the Earth.
Bladderwort Bladderwort - Utricularia vulgaris
Indications: caught up in illusion; unable to make decisions that support one's highest good; often deceived or taken advantage of; lack of discernment.
Healing Qualities: helps us shatter illusion through clear inner knowing; promotes discernment when faced with dishonesty in others; strengthens our ability to perceive the truth regardless of the confusion that surrounds it.
Blue Elf Blue Elf Viola - Viola sp.
Indications: unable to express anger in a clear and nonviolent way; difficulty resolving conflict, especially in group situations.
Healing Qualities: dissipates the protective energy that has been built up around our anger, rage, and frustration; helps us understand the issues at the root of these emotions so they can be expressed in a clear and heart-centered way.
Blueberry Pollen
Indications: lack of belief in our ability to manifest abundance; low prosperity consciousness; difficulty receiving from others and from the Earth.
Healing Qualities: helps us expand on all levels to accommodate abundance; facilitates the release of mental and emotional attachments that limit our ability to manifest higher purpose in physical form.
Bog Blueberry Bog Blueberry - Vaccinium uliginosum
Indications: conditional acceptance of abundance; attachment to the form in which anything manifests in one's life.
Healing Qualities: for neutralizing the beliefs that limit the experience of abundance on all levels; encourages us to open to the abundance that is offered with acceptance and gratitude.
Bog Rosemary Bog Rosemary - Andromeda polifolia
Indications: lacking trust; immobilized by a fear of the unknown; inability to take risks in order to grow or heal.
Healing Qualities: promotes the release of fear and resistance held deep in the heart; strengthens trust in Divine healing and support.
Bunchberry Bunchberry - Cornus canadensis
Indications: lack of mental focus; easily distracted by or caught up in the emotional turmoil of others; sense of not having enough time to complete tasks.
Healing Qualities: promotes coherent thinking; helps us become aware of and then release our attachment to distraction; promotes mental steadfastness, focus, and emotional clarity in demanding situations.
Cassandra Cassandra - Chamaedaphne calyculata
Indications: anxiousness; difficulty shifting one's attention to an inner focus; unable to relax into deeper levels of meditation.
Healing Qualities: calming; encourages stillness of mind; enables us to perceive life from a quiet inner perspective.
Cattail Cattail Pollen - Typha latifolia
Indications: weakened by connections and involvements which no longer serve one's highest truth; difficulty standing up for oneself; feeling unsupported by others.
Healing Qualities: helps one connect with the personal truth that illuminates one's chosen life path, and with the inner strength to act in alignment with this truth.
Chiming Bells Chiming Bells - Mertensia paniculata
Indications: depressed; despondent; disheartened; no joy in one's day-to-day existence; feeling a lack of support and stability at a basic level.
Healing Qualities: encourages the experience of joy, peace, and stability at the physical level of our beings; helps us open our hearts to the loving energy of the Divine Mother.
Columbine Columbine - Aquilegia formosa
Indications: weak sense of self; judging one's appearance in comparison to others; unable to appreciate one's own unique or distinctive beauty.
Healing Qualities: helps us appreciate our own unique and personal beauty, regardless of how it differs from others; strengthens our sense of self and the ability to project ourselves out in the world for others to see.
Comandra Comandra - Geocaulon lividum
Indications: visionary abilities undeveloped or ungrounded and therefore of no practical use; focus of one's perceptions limited to the gross, material aspects of the physical world.
Healing Qualities: support for maintaining the necessary perspective on both the seen and unseen worlds as we move through the current dimensional shift; opens the heart to be a bridge between the third and fourth dimensions; helps us develop our potential to see the physical world from a higher perspective.
Cotton Grass Cotton Grass - Eriophorum sp.
Indications: shock and trauma resulting from an accident or injury of any kind; fixating on one's discomfort rather than on the healing process; unable to completely heal an old injury because of a lack of awareness of what led to its creation.
Healing Qualities: helps a person come to an understanding of the core issues that led to an accident or injury so that they can release the physical, emotional, and mental trauma associated with it.
Cow Parsnip Cow Parsnip - Heracleum lanatum
Indications: ungrounded; feeling cut off from one's roots; unsure of one's inner direction; difficulty connecting with or adapting to new surroundings after a move.
Healing Qualities: promotes inner strength; assists with the process of adapting to a new environment; encourages peace of mind and contentment with present circumstances, even during times of intense transition and change.
Dandelion Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale
Indications: lack of awareness of the deeper mental attitudes that lead to chronic muscular tension; difficulty releasing emotional energy stored in the body.
Healing Qualities: promotes awareness and release of emotional tension held in muscle tissue; increases body-mind communication so we are better able to identify the underlying issues and attitudes that lead to the creation and holding of tension in our bodies.
Fireweed Fireweed - Epilobium angustifolium
Indications: shock or trauma; energy stagnation on any level; feeling burned out; weak connection to the earth.
Healing Qualities: strengthens the grounding connection to the earth; helps break up and move out old energy patterns that are being held in the etheric body so that new cycles of revitalization and renewal can be initiated.
Forget Me Not Forget-Me-Not - Myosotis alpestris
Indications: feeling separate; difficulty connecting to the spiritual dimension; deeper connections with others blocked by subconscious fears; feeling guilty about past actions.
Healing Qualities: facilitates the release of fear, guilt, and pain held in the subconscious; enables us to regain respect and compassion for ourselves and for others.
Foxglove Foxglove - Digitalis purpurea
Indications: fear of the unknown; lack of perspective on how to deal with a challenging situation; unable to see the lesson or issue at the heart of a conflict or difficulty.
Healing Qualities: stimulates the release of fear and emotional tension; enables our perceptions to expand to connect with the truth of the situation.
Golden Corydalis Golden Corydalis - Corydalis aurea
Indications: cannot get all of one's talents and skills to work together in a focused way; overwhelmed by new experiences; cannot make sense of how one's life fits together.
Healing Qualities: supports the reintegration of identity after an experience of deep transformation; helps us establish and maintain a link with the higher self that facilitates the integration of life experience according to the needs of the soul.
Grass of Parnassus Grass of Parnassus - Parnassia palustris
Indications: difficulty maintaining one's energy level in toxic or crowded environments; subtle bodies need to be cleansed and reenergized.
Healing Qualities: showers all levels of the energy system with the cleansing and nourishing benefits of Light; helps us bring past experiences to completion on all levels.
Green Bells of Ireland Green Bells of Ireland - Molucella laevis
Indications: ungrounded; lacking a conscious heart connection to the natural world; unaware of the light and intelligence present in nature.
Healing Qualities: opens our conscious awareness to the light and intelligence present in nature; helps the newly born greet the earth; strengthens the energetic connection between the physical body and the earth.

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