All six in one kit - May 2021 special

All six in one kit - May 2021 special

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Guardian Healthy Boundaries formula - helps you create a powerful force-field of protection in your aura

Angelica flower essence - increases awareness of our inherent angelic love and protection

Black Tourmaline gem elixir - releases energies taken on from others or the environment

Rutilated Quartz gem elixir - increases our ability to access, synthesize, and express information from the spiritual realms

Tiger's Eye gem elixir - maintain a strong sense of self when dealing with powerful emotions

Pasque Flower flower essence - strengthens and protects our deepest sense of self

Directions for use: put 2 drops of each chosen essence in some water and take 4 times daily for 3-4 weeks. 

Note: picture shows a 1 oz size 'all-six-in-one-kit'