Balancing, Rejuvenating and Recharging with Gem Elixirs


The Gifts of the Mineral Kingdom

Minerals are surrounding us, providing the structure and stability of our planet’s crust and mantle, while supplying the nutrients for organic life. They are naturally occurring inorganic solids with an orderly crystalline structure. Our relationship with minerals involves living and walking upon the earth, and the nourishment we receive from the plant kingdom that is reliant on the mineral-rich soil. Made up of a unique composition of chemical elements, each mineral contains different healing qualities and energies. Mineral specimens are used to make essences, just as flowers are used to make essences. We call an infusion made from the energy imprint of a specific mineral a Gem Elixir.

 When to use Gem Elixirs and How and Why they Work.

The plant kingdom brings the gift of spiritual consciousness to the earth. Using flower essences awakens our consciousness and enables us to live our lives with increased awareness and understanding. The resulting increase in consciousness causes our vibration to raise. Essences also enhance and energize other practices that raise consciousness such as meditation, yoga, contemplative time in nature, and while receiving healing energy.

However, if our physical body is not aligned with this increasing vibration or frequency, we may be unable to maintain spiritual growth in a balanced way. This kind of imbalance is common as many of us strive to become more spiritually attuned while ignoring the needs of our body. Sooner or later we overextend our inner resources, creating an imbalance that makes it difficult for us to integrate change. The body may respond to this imbalance with illness, disease, or burnout, forcing us into a period of rest, recovery and reevaluation.

Gem elixirs help us fully anchor and embody changes in consciousness. They provide the energetic support necessary to integrate our increasing frequency in consciousness. They help our physical bodies achieve and maintain balance by stimulating the release of tension that has accumulated in our energy field as the result of physical, mental, and emotional stress. As tension releases, our subtle bodies and chakras come back into alignment, allowing our physical body to regain its natural state of balance, stability, and resilience.

When we are living on the edge of tiredness and fatigue, gem elixirs stimulate the energy circulating through our bodies to boost our vitality and build reserves for future use.

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Opal is for when we are suffering from burn out, emotional exhaustion, or fatigue that is not relieved by sleep. Opal elixir rejuvenates our spent emotional and mental forces and counteracts the depletion of the color frequencies in our aura. It rebuilds the light body and replenishes chi or life force where we need it most.

Labradorite helps us attract, gather and assimilate the energetic nourishment of light into the body. It replenishes those who are experiencing a light deficiency or depletion from using up their energy reserves by living a fast-paced lifestyle.

Aventurine strengthens the central vertical axis, stabilizing us during expansion experiences. It provides an energetic support structure that helps us move into and through new experiences with grace, stamina, and perseverance. Good for spiritual trailblazers and pioneers.

Bloodstone opens and harmonizes the connection between the heart and the Earth by clearing and releasing strong emotional blockages held in our lower chakras. It rebalances these energy centers after trauma or emotional upset.

Malachite is the primary grounding gem elixir in our system and is very useful after intense experiences of growth and expansion. It helps ground the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual part of our energy field to the Earth. It supports the energetic unity of the body/soul connection and helps us keep it together when moving through transition and transformation.

Carnelian is a vital component in any program of rejuvenation in case of burn-out or fatigue. Instead of seeking energy from others, or giving in order to receive, Carnelian teaches us about energy efficiency. It increases the etheric body’s ability to access pranic energy and clears and energizes the nadirs–the subtle energy pathways between the etheric body and the meridians.

Spectrolite bathes and nourishes the entire energy system with full spectrum light. It refreshes and renews our perspective on life when we are unable to sense the deeper meaning of life’s events, or when we have a tendency to see the negative in each situation. Spectrolite helps us to see the magnificent in the mundane, and the Divine in the ordinary.

Aragonite promotes energetic hygiene and helps us be fully present and connected to the Earth, spirit and other people when there is a tendency to become energetically enmeshed with others. It facilitates the release of interpersonal energy connections so that both people can return to a state of energy independence.

Orange Calcite is uplifting, energizing and warming. It provides an influx of bright, nourishing energy to refresh our tired attitudes and perspectives. It helps us feel a renewed sense of joy and connection while opening the heart to the energy of the Sun to dispel darkness and grief.

Fire Opal is important for those who are chronically tired from overwork and have poor energy management and habits that are not nourishing their physical body. Fire Opal releases blockages in our energy pathways to allow more Earth energy to rise up into the body. It helps our body to replenish reserves rather than making it all available for immediate use. It helps us move from "I have energy", to "I am energy".

Star Ruby promotes heightened awareness and sharp focus in the present moment. It helps us stay grounded when we stray off into our thoughts. It is good for those who are easily distracted, or who like to maintain distraction in their lives.

Amber helps us contact the inherent strength, endurance, flexibility and instinctual nature of our physical body. It relaxes and clears the pelvic region to promote a greater flow of energy moving down and up the spine. Amber adjusts the energetic structure of the body so that more light and energy can enter and circulate with less resistance.

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