Research Programs

We are committed to the continual process of researching our flower, gem, and environmental essences and combination formulas. Our intent is to fully develop the healing picture for each essence we sell, and the case histories, feedback, and anecdotal stories submitted by flower essence therapists, health care professionals, and other individuals who use our essences constitute one of the most important parts of our research protocol. We have developed the two programs listed below to encourage you to share your valuable research information with us, and to provide you with an easy but structured way to do it.

Practitioner Discount Research Program

If you currently use the Alaskan essences in your professional practice, or plan to incorporate them in the future, and would like to participate in their ongoing research, you may be eligible to receive a discount of 20% on all of our products.

To receive this discount, you need to register for the program and agree to be contacted by us for research information in the future. To register, please click here. You will be notified by email when your application is approved.

New Essence Research Program

We would like to invite anyone who is interested in researching our newer essences to participate in our New Essences Research Program. This program is designed primarily for active practitioners who are already involved in the process of researching vibrational remedies, and who want to expand their repertory of the Alaskan Essences. However, this is also a great (and reasonably priced) opportunity for beginners to learn how individual essences work and to share that knowledge with others. To register for this program, please click here. You will be asked during the registration process to choose up to three research essences. We will send you these essences for free (postage paid) in exchange for your documented research.

To see submission requirements for these two research programs, please click here.

If you have any questions about either program, please email or call 406-642-3670.

Please send us your essence stories!

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