Our Online Repertory, also know as the ‘Living Book,’ is a compilation of all of the information we have on every essence in our system. Concurrent with the release of our new web site, we have simplified access to the repertory. Individuals and organizations may now gain unlimited, lifetime access by making a one time payment. A FREE 3-Day Trial Membership is also available for those who want to go in and have a look around. Please click here for more information. If you are a registered user, access the drop down menu under Online Repertory and choose Login.


    This booklet contains a Keyword listing organized according to the structure of our Practitioner Kits and Research Essences, and a Cross-Reference of Healing Qualities of all of the essences currently in our repertory, organized under various therapeutic topics. Using these two sections together will give you the most complete picture of the healing qualities of each essence. We are now making this booklet available as a FREE download in PDF format. Simply click here to download it!


During the month of September we are offering a 25% discount on 11 products dedicated to the health and happiness of our animal companions. This includes both sizes of our new Animal Lover's Kit, and all of the individual products contained within it.

The Animal Lover's Kit is a special collection of Alaskan Essences, Combination Formulas and Sprays dedicated to animal health and well-being. These gentle remedies from nature can bring healing and ease to all animals and help them to live full and joyful lives. Our inspiration for this kit was to offer a small and affordable collection of essences and sprays that could be used by anyone, regardless of their level of experience, to address a wide range of issues facing our animal friends, both wild and domestic. 


The discount is good for both sizes of the following products: Animal Care, Animal Care Spray, Animal Lover's Kit, Grove Sandwort, Guardian, Guardian Spray, Pregnancy Support, Purification, Purification Spray, Soul Support, Soul Support Spray.


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Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to our new website and online store. We hope you enjoy the clean, efficient look and improved navigation. Our intention is to offer a user friendly and modern browsing experience while emphasizing the beauty and simplicity of nature's abundance. This site includes a full featured search function and was constructed using Responsive Design so it can be viewed on tablets and smart phones. Our Monthly Specials now have their own page in the store, making it easier than ever for you to access additional savings. If you would rather shop locally, click on the Find A Retailer link to use our new Store Locator to get detailed directions to the closest store or clinic that carries our products. In addition, registered Practitioners can now receive their special discount during checkout. Click here for a complete list of new features and tips for using the site.