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May 2020 - Clear and Energize your Space with Sacred Space Sprays and Hydrosols June 24, 2020 09:06

If you are wondering whether your home would benefit from Space Clearing, ask yourself these questions: Does your home embrace you with comfort and balance? Is it a place of warmth and self-expression, a home for your soul? Does your home energize, enrich and enhance your quality of life? Is the amount of creative expression in your life right now in harmony with your desires? Is your workspace rewarding and fulfilling, a place you want to be?  Read more in the newsletter - May 2020   - Read More

April 2020 - Supporting Well-being in Unprecedented Times April 14, 2020 14:48

Life is always changing, but we are in unprecedented times for sure! It has brought us into new territory and suddenly we don’t know how the future will look. The truth is that we actually never did, but at least we could somewhat anticipate what might occur in our lives over a stretch of time. Depending on where you are on the planet and what is going on around you, you may be experiencing grief and overwhelm, and resistant to the change occurring in the world and your life. Essences made from Nature’s kingdoms are helpful in these times. They..  - Read More

March 2020 – Essences for Energetic Hygiene and Protection April 14, 2020 14:46

As the virus is spreading over the world, people respond to the unfolding event in different ways, and many respond based on what they hear in the news. It is natural for some people to respond with fear and panic. We are all affected by the collective energy surrounding us, so when fear and panic occupy the energy field of the planet it can be difficult to stay positive and avoid being swallowed up in the clouds of growing unrest. Flower and gem essences can help us stay present and connected to our Source so we trust in our guidance...  - Read More

February 2020 – Moving through Anger and Resentment April 14, 2020 14:44

As we mature emotionally and spiritually, we learn to recognize and understand our emotions, yet anger can be misunderstood and mismanaged. It’s not something many parents model well and we are rarely taught about anger in a healthy way at school. Consequently, we may not know how to move through our anger, express it assertively, or how to stay open and be present with others when they are angry. Living with unprocessed anger and resentment can consume our life-force energy and keep us focused on things that prolong the emotions. The flower essences we are featuring this month help us..  - Read More

January 2020 – Essences to Quiet your Mind April 14, 2020 14:41

“What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that.” ― Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose When big things are happening in the world, like the fires in Australia or the threat of a war, it can be more difficult to relax our minds. We all know it would be good to take a few moments each day to just sit still and quiet our minds, but we’re often distracted or too busy. Creating distance from our thoughts can bring..  - Read More

December 2019 – Holiday Gift Ideas April 14, 2020 14:39

In this newsletter we are featuring some of our popular bestsellers AND give you some ideas for helpful tools for the holidays.   Read more in the newsletter – December 2019  - Read More

November 2019 – Aligning with your True North April 14, 2020 14:36

Once we discover the things in life that inspire us, our next challenge is staying true to these values. This may mean having differing opinions from our family and friends, going our own way and leaving people and places behind, discovering new people and places. This isn’t always easy, especially when we get caught up in the lives and emotions of others or when unexpected circumstances throw us off balance. Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old activist on the Asperger’s spectrum. Neither her age nor her circumstances have stopped her from embracing her uniqueness and using her gifts to fight for..  - Read More

October 2019 - Save on Staff Picks! April 14, 2020 14:33

  This month we are featuring our personal favorites and offering them at a 25% discount during the month of October.   Beyond Words Communication Formula & Spray became more popular at Alaskan Essences after the spray was released in the beginning of the year. Now, both the communication drops and spray are sitting on every desk in the office! Read our stories and experiences here! – October 2019  - Read More

September 2019 - Feeling at Home on Earth April 14, 2020 14:31

Many people feel like they don’t really fit in, like they were dropped off on the wrong planet or maybe with the wrong family. In the growing-up process, one may gain a better sense of why they are here, but when certain things happen it is easy to fall back into old feelings of not belonging. Strengthening your connection with the environment will help you feel at home in your body and nurtured by the Earth. The flower essences we are featuring this month of September can help you make this connection. They are telling us: “Grounding doesn’t mean you’ll..  - Read More

August 2019 - Catalyze your Healing with Environmental Essences April 14, 2020 14:28

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." ~John Muir Science and our personal experience have shown us that spending time in nature enhances our health and happiness. Some places help us to feel refreshed and energized, while others help us to feel calm and still. Environmental essences are a powerful addition to our work with flower essences and gem elixirs. While flower essences facilitate growth in spiritual consciousness, and gem elixirs help us anchor and embody these changes, environmental essences provide us with energy for change. They catalyze our healing journey and provide support for deep levels of transformation by bringing life..  - Read More

July 2019 - Empower Yourself in Facing Challenges Big or Small April 14, 2020 14:24

Have you ever had one of those days when your car broke down on the way to work, your communication was off or your words were misunderstood, emails were lost, and your computer had a major hiccup and the backup failed? Some days, challenges both small and large can pile up! The flower essences and gem elixirs we are featuring for the month of July encourage mental calmness and clarity, and they help you stay centered and grounded. This support can help you consciously fnd and create positive solutions when faced with challenges and chaos. These essences are very helpful allies when surfing life's waves of..  - Read More

June 2019 - Sacred Space Sprays April 14, 2020 14:22

Our popular Sacred Space Sprays cleanse, harmonize, and uplift the spaces where we live, sleep and work. Each spray contains a unique combination of Alaskan flower, gem, and environmental essences, and a complementary blend of the highest quality pure essential oils to enhance the effect of the essences. Our four Sacred Space Sprays are discounted for the month of June. And, we have created a special Travel Set for you! Read more in the newsletter - June 2019  - Read More

May 2019 – How Gem Elixirs Support Flower Essence Therapy April 14, 2020 14:19

As we increase our consciousness, our vibration resonates more clearly with our Soul. And when our vibration increases, our bodies need support to EMBODY these energetic changes. Gem elixirs help us fully anchor and embody this increase in consciousness. Their action is direct and immediate—it is focused on adjusting the energy flow. They help to cleanse, activate, and recharge the chakras and subtle bodies (etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual), so they function as they were designed to. They improve the flow of energy so we feel grounded and comfortable in our physical body. This makes it easier to maintain stability during times of..  - Read More

April 2019 - Change and the Rollercoaster of Goodbye April 14, 2020 14:17

Saying goodbye and moving through life without somebody we intensely love is an emotional challenge. When a loved one passes away or a relationship or marriage abruptly ends we suddenly have to navigate the world without that important someone. We may have a spiritual understanding that death is about re-emerging with the spirit world or a mental and psychological understanding that a marriage was indeed unhealthy, but it does not take away the emotions we are dealing with. Experiencing and processing emotions like grief, sadness, and despair can be difficult. Flower essences can provide support and stability in these kinds of trying times. They help..  - Read More

March 2019 – Empowering Yourself in Growing your Business April 14, 2020 14:08

Whatever you are doing with your life you may realize that you have certain limiting thoughts that may secretly sabotage your succes. You may feel you have found your life purpose, but things may not be working out the way you want them to. Practical things like a good website and advertising are necessary for a business, but they are not the only things to focus on. We also need to check in to see how we are thinking and feeling about the things we are doing. Flower essences help us clearly see what we are thinking and doing, and when..  - Read More

February 2019 – The Most Important Relationship in Life April 14, 2020 13:56

"The relationship you have with yourself defines the relationships that you have with other people. Your relationship with yourself is your relationship with life. No relationship with another person can be truly ‘wholistic’ until our relationship with self is based in Love and respect. And this is rare. How can you truly Love another person if Love is a stranger in your own ‘inner’ relationship with yourself? In other words, how can you express Love outwardly, if Love is not experienced within?" ~ Michael J. Roads I really like this writing from Michael J. Roads—it makes perfect sense to me. The ability to love starts with accepting,..  - Read More

January 2019 – Beat the Winter Blues! April 14, 2020 13:52

The month of January often feels dark and cold even as the days grow longer. This is especially evident after a festive holiday season filled with Christmas lights and gatherings with our friends and family where we shared food, fun and laughter. You can beat the winter blues by pampering yourself with flower essences - your own infusions of light! We have selected six flower and gem essences and a bonus spray to help you experience more joy and ease during these long dark months.  Read more in the newsletter - January 2020  - Read More

November 2018 - Combination Formulas You Need to Know About April 14, 2020 13:48

For the month of November we are featuring five Combination Formulas to help us: embrace the process of transformation and change more easily study and integrate new information increase our performance in mentally complex jobs on the journey to become pregnant and during pregnancy itself provide the extra support our animals need ease the effects of traveling by car or plane Read more in the newsletter - November 2018  - Read More

October 2018 - Confidence and Courage to Step Into the Unknown April 14, 2020 11:51

Everyone experiences fear, but not everyone likes to talk about it. Life can be full of challenging events and choices, triggering fear that we may not have been aware of before. Making important decisions can be especially daunting because of the unknown consequences and outcome. Sometimes we realize that the once safe and familiar path we have been following is actually leading us to unhappiness, and fear prevents us from changing direction. For the month of October, we have selected six flower essences and gem elixirs to help you bolster your courage and tap into the confidence within. These essences..  - Read More

September 2018 - Ease your Stress Levels with These Allies from Nature! April 14, 2020 11:46

Many people experience stress without even realizing it. Stress has become the norm and everybody is busy. Experiencing ongoing stress and being on all the time is very demanding to our whole system. Do you find yourself caught up in multitasking your activities of daily living? Do you cook dinner while texting or scrolling on your phone, talking to your kids or spouse, and watching the news on TV at the same time? Is it difficult to settle down and unwind at night? Approaching life from a more relaxed and grounded state of being helps us deal with demanding jobs, struggles in relationships, challenging..  - Read More

August 2018 - Six of our all-time Favorite Essences! January 23, 2020 16:31

We would like to introduce you to some of our all-time favorite and bestselling essences. Our customers have chosen these essences repeatedly for their effectiveness, heart-centered strengthening, and their ability to help us move from a place of crisis and upheaval to balance and recovery. We chose two of each type of essence: Flower, Gem, and Environmental, creating an encompassing balance of the healing power of Nature. These six essences are our allies in the highest sense of the word.   Read more in the newsletter - August 2018  - Read More

July 2018 - Anti-aging or Happy Aging? January 23, 2020 16:28

Embracing our inner beauty influences how we perceive our physical selves and how others perceive us. The more we accept and love ourselves, the more our Soul and inner beauty are able to shine through, radiating as a sparkling twinkle that lights up our eyes. Flower Essences can help us become aware of selfjudgment and the patterns and belief systems that fuel it. They can stimulate us to find new ways of seeing our lives and ourselves and assist us as we learn to embrace aging gracefully.  Read more in the newsletter - July 2018  - Read More

June 2018 – Clear and Energize your space with Sacred Space Sprays January 23, 2020 16:24

The spaces where we live, work, and sleep can powerfully influence how we feel. We have all experienced feeling uncomfortable when entering a room without knowing why, and noticing that a room feels stuffy even when the windows are open. Regularly clearing out stagnant or non-serving energy while invoking vibrant and positive energy will support our spiritual development, increase our well-being and vitality, and clean things up when we just need a fresh start. Our Sacred Space Sprays will cleanse, harmonize, and uplift the spaces we inhabit. They each contain a unique combination of Alaskan flower, gem, and environmental essences..  - Read More

May 2018 – Multidimensional Bodywork and Massage January 23, 2020 16:20

Flower and gem essences are a wonderful addition in your massage oils, creams, and baths. Essences facilitate the movement of energy during any kind of massage or bodywork session, enhancing the release of emotional and physical stress and toxins. Our favorite essences to use are Dandelion, Self-Heal, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Cotton Grass and Fluorite.   Read more in the newsletter - May 2018  - Read More