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August 2018 - Six of our all-time Favorite Essences! January 23, 2020 16:31

We would like to introduce you to some of our all-time favorite and bestselling essences. Our customers have chosen these essences repeatedly for their effectiveness, heart-centered strengthening, and their ability to help us move from a place of crisis and upheaval to balance and recovery. We chose two of each type of essence: Flower, Gem, and Environmental, creating an encompassing balance of the healing power of Nature. These six essences are our allies in the highest sense of the word.   Read more in the newsletter - August 2018  - Read More

July 2018 - Anti-aging or Happy Aging? January 23, 2020 16:28

Embracing our inner beauty influences how we perceive our physical selves and how others perceive us. The more we accept and love ourselves, the more our Soul and inner beauty are able to shine through, radiating as a sparkling twinkle that lights up our eyes. Flower Essences can help us become aware of selfjudgment and the patterns and belief systems that fuel it. They can stimulate us to find new ways of seeing our lives and ourselves and assist us as we learn to embrace aging gracefully.  Read more in the newsletter - July 2018  - Read More

June 2018 – Clear and Energize your space with Sacred Space Sprays January 23, 2020 16:24

The spaces where we live, work, and sleep can powerfully influence how we feel. We have all experienced feeling uncomfortable when entering a room without knowing why, and noticing that a room feels stuffy even when the windows are open. Regularly clearing out stagnant or non-serving energy while invoking vibrant and positive energy will support our spiritual development, increase our well-being and vitality, and clean things up when we just need a fresh start. Our Sacred Space Sprays will cleanse, harmonize, and uplift the spaces we inhabit. They each contain a unique combination of Alaskan flower, gem, and environmental essences..  - Read More

May 2018 – Multidimensional Bodywork and Massage January 23, 2020 16:20

Flower and gem essences are a wonderful addition in your massage oils, creams, and baths. Essences facilitate the movement of energy during any kind of massage or bodywork session, enhancing the release of emotional and physical stress and toxins. Our favorite essences to use are Dandelion, Self-Heal, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Cotton Grass and Fluorite.   Read more in the newsletter - May 2018  - Read More

April 2018 - In the Silence are the Answers October 8, 2019 14:27

When we have important and pressing questions, or when we are looking for inspiration for new ideas, people often say, "the answers are within," or "listen to your heart." But, that is sometimes easier said than done. Our minds are always busy, occupied with thoughts and distracted by family, work, current events, social media, and life in general. We selected six flower essences to establish an attunement with your Soul no matter where you are. They help provide a calm and clear state of mind and help you learn to trust your intuition. Read more in the newsletter - April 2018  - Read More

March 2018 – Along Life’s Bumpy Roads October 8, 2019 14:23

While living our lives fully, we face a wide range of experiences, opportunities, and emotions. Sometimes life seems easy and we feel like we are on top of the world, in control and manifesting our desires. Other times life knocks us off track, and  unforeseen challenges make us feel vulnerable and uncertain. In our vulnerability, we often wonder what we did wrong, why things aren't going as planned, and how we can feel balanced, steady and joyful again? We have selected six flower and gem essences to help smooth out this bumpy road of life.  Read more in the newsletter -..  - Read More

February 2018 - Stepping into the new October 8, 2019 14:17

Essences to help us keep our New Year’s Resolutions -  Do you follow through and succeed with your resolutions? Or do you slip backinto the comfort of known habits and behaviors that don’t improve your lifewhile beating yourself up and wondering why?Often, we have ingrained belief systems and subconscious thoughts that keepus from making the changes we desire. Flower essences can help us receiveinsights into these limiting beliefs, patterns of behavior, and non-servingthoughts. They can help us see clearly what we are doing and how we aretrapped in our own patterns. Essences help us find new ways of looking atourselves..  - Read More

November 2017 – Balancing, Rejuvenating and Recharging with Gem Elixirs July 23, 2019 17:06

When to use Gem Elixirs and How and Why they Work. ~ The plant kingdom brings the gift of spiritual consciousness to the earth. Using flower essences awakens our consciousness and enables us to live our lives with increased awareness and understanding. The resulting increase in consciousness causes our vibration to raise. Essences also enhance and energize other practices that raise consciousness such as meditation, yoga, contemplative time in nature, and while receiving healing energy. However, if our physical body is not aligned with this increasing vibration or frequency, we may be unable to maintain spiritual growth in a balanced way...  - Read More

October 2017 - Open and Fearless Communication July 23, 2019 17:02

Achieving new levels of love and understanding in relationships ~  Open, courageous, and honest communication with the people we love can often be the most difficult thing we do, yet it is essential for mutual respect and happiness. Assumptions, past experience, unresolved pain, unexpressed anger, and hurtful programming can influence the present by impairing our ability to communicate with clarity. When communication fails, struggle and pain will replace the freedom and opportunity healthy relationships can normally provide. This month we are featuring four flower essences and two gem elixirs that are instrumental in opening your heart to communicate with compassion and respect in relationships. Each..  - Read More

September 2017 - Finding Balance, Wisdom, and Compassion, during Challenging Times July 23, 2019 16:59

Every time we are faced with a challenge we have an opportunity to consciously decide who we want to be and how we want to respond. Each moment is an opportunity to make real change! Reflecting on what is happening in the world we may wonder why certain behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs keep repeating. It may seem difficult to break free of these patterns to make real change. Flower Essences can help shift outdated belief systems and old conditioned approaches to our lives. Instead of reacting from ingrained patterns of survival and sub-conscious fear, we can respond to life’s challenges..  - Read More

August 2017 - Harmonize and Energize your Space with Sacred Space Sprays and Hydrosols July 23, 2019 16:54

We care for ourselves in a multitude of ways, but many of us aren’t aware that the spaces where we live and work can powerfully influence our emotional and mental state. Everyone has experienced entering a room and felt uncomfortable without knowing why. We want the spaces we inhabit to nurture and support us. Regularly clearing stagnant energies from the spaces we occupy will invoke a vibrancy that aligns with our intention and purpose, inviting enthusiasm, vitality, and clarity into our lives. Sacred Space Sprays and Hydrosols will cleanse, harmonize, energize, and protect the Sacred Space you inhabit.  Read more in the newsletter - August 2017..  - Read More

July 2017 – Manifesting Abundance July 23, 2019 16:46

The 'Law of Attraction' is the magnetic power of the Universe that attracts similar energies. It basically means 'like attracts like,' and it is always atwork in our lives whether we are aware of it or not. Our thoughts and emotions affect our vibration, and our vibration interacts with the Universe. In short, when we identify and focus on aspects of our life that are not pleasing, we may attract more of the same. When we focus on the positive and feel good about our lives, we attract more positive experiences. Read which flower essences can help you change your thoughts..  - Read More

June 2017 – Combination Formulas for every day July 23, 2019 16:05

For our June 2017 Special, we are offering six Combination Formulas and four sprays discounted by 25%. Our combination formulas are unique blends of our flower, gem and environmental essences. Our sprays include very rich, high-quality essential oils carefully chosen to enhance the energetic effect of the essences.  Each formula focuses on a specific challenge of daily living. The combination formulas and sprays are easy to use for people of all ages. Read more in the newsletter - June 2017  - Read More

May 2017 - Catalyze Change with Nature’s Energy July 23, 2019 15:54

Where flower essences facilitate growth in spiritual consciousness and gem elixirs help us anchor and embody these changes, the gift of environmental essences is energy for change.  Environmental essences are very catalytic in their action. Use them when you feel resistance or lack of energy in your healing or spiritual journey. They bring life force into the healing process accelerating the work initiated by flower essences, providing a powerful support for change and transformation at very deep levels.   Read more in the newsletter - May 2017  - Read More

April 2017 - In Loving Memory Steve Johnson June 27, 2019 16:20

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Steve Johnson, director of Alaskan Essences Inc, on Friday, March 17, 2017, in Missoula Montana. He passed peacefully with his wife Judith by his side. Please read our In Loving Memory page here.  Since we work with essences every day, we had many tools to choose from that helped us navigate this deep territory involving the death of a loved one and all the reverberations that continue in our lives. We now feel a strong calling to share some of these important essences and sprays that may be useful for..  - Read More

March 2017 - Is Being Highly Sensitive a Challenge for You? June 27, 2019 16:16

Many people consider themselves highly sensitive, having an exceptional ability to feel the energy and emotions of others. High sensitivity can be a great gift if you are aware how to embody it. But what if you feel too sensitive and don’t know how to deal with it in daily life? You might feel overwhelmed, taking on energies and emotions from other people. The twelve Alaskan essences we selected for March work with assisting you to function with greater integrity in your energy field. These essences are extremely helpful in providing the energy of protection, stability, safety, and grounding necessary..  - Read More

February 2017 - Heart-Centered Healing with Essences June 27, 2019 16:10

Many of us are experiencing uncertainty surrounding current world events. While we can’t control the world around us, we do have the power to choose how we respond to the world. The following flower essences and gem elixirs assist us as we look into the shadow element of our uncertainty and any associated trauma that may be blocking or limiting the loving energy of our hearts. These essences help us find clarity and confidence, and to stay centered and stabilized, so that we may move forward in our lives with courageous heart-centered action. Read more in the newsletter - February 2017 ..  - Read More

November 2016 - Releasing emotional trauma with Alaskan Essences June 27, 2019 16:06

Emotional trauma can be difficult to integrate because of the associated pain and suffering that is imprinted in the nervous system and on our cellular memory. All trauma has an emotional component, but emotional trauma feels more personal and it is often amplified because so many people have had similar experiences with the same painful results. It is therefore important to strengthen our emotional boundaries before we begin the process of releasing this kind of trauma. The following flower essences and gem elixir can help us build up our emotional boundaries, restore the integrity of our auric field, and increase..  - Read More

October 2016 - Flower Essences for Transition and Emergence June 27, 2019 16:03

We are experiencing a period of pivotal change and transformation on our planet. Many people are undergoing a range of uncomfortable emotions including restlessness, fear, despair, and uncertainty about the future. Reshaping these moments to embrace them as life-changing experiences provides an opportunity for healing and growth. For the month of October, we are featuring six essences (flower/gem/environmental) that can help us shift our perspective to see this time as a powerful gestation period leading to the emergence of a new paradigm.   Read more in the newsletter - October 2016  - Read More

September 2016 - Essences for Children May 14, 2019 17:56

For the month of September, we are offering a 25% discount on a special collection of our essence combination formulas that parents can use with their children on a daily basis. Many children are returning to school this month after the freedom of a long summer vacation, and everyone in the family will be affected by changing schedules and priorities. These formulas will help your children strengthen their ability to focus, pay attention and participate during class, handle the expectations of their parents and teachers, and cope with the intense social dynamics of being in school. Read more in the..  - Read More

August 2016 - Vibrational First Aid May 14, 2019 17:53

For the month of August we are offering a 25% discount on the following Alaskan Essences, Combination Formulas and Sprays that you can use to create an energetic first aid kit for the whole family, including pets. These products can be used for any kind of emergency and to help with the shock and trauma from injuries, while supporting recovery and regeneration at the deepest levels. These tools for self-healing also provide support for managing the numerous stresses and challenges that arise in our daily lives. Read more in the newsletter - August 2016      - Read More

July 2016 - Opening Hearts and Grounding in Love May 14, 2019 17:51

In these intense and interesting times, it's easy to get caught up in all the craziness. However, nature's love and support for us remains constant. With her help we can retain our balance, vision and potency. The following flower essences and gem elixirs were selected for their capacity to uplift our spirits, ground and strengthen our bodies, and open our hearts to a deeper experience of loving and being loved. Read more in the newsletter - July 2016  - Read More

May 2016 - The Alaskan Environmental Essences May 14, 2019 17:46

Environmental Essences bring us pure clean energy that is elementally balanced. They support any kind of change or transformation at the very core of who we are. This is very important because we can’t change or transform anything if we don’t have the energy to do it. The Environmental Essences also provide a strong base of support for our work with the flower and gem essences by helping us create and maintain a clear and balanced inner environment for healing. Read more in the newsletter - May 2016   - Read More

April 2016 - Gem Elixirs May 14, 2019 17:44

We are living in exciting times! Our current political, economic and social structures are undergoing intense upheaval and change. As co-creators we are being challenged to sustain our vision of the kind of world we want to create and this can often be difficult and exhausting. Gem Elixirs can help us regain our strength and stability so we can maintain and implement our positive co-creative vision for the future. With their help we can create strong energetic boundaries that will enable us to respond to events rather than react to them, and to build up our reserves of energy rather than..  - Read More