Flower essences can be very helpful for dogs, cats, horses and all kinds of animals. Animals don’t wonder what essences are or whether they work, they just respond to them, often very quickly. Flower essences work at a very deep level to alleviate suffering, remove layers of trauma and stress, and strengthen an animal’s ability to process emotional energy.

Flower essences will be most effective when our animals are receiving their basic needs. In our opinion this means good nutrition, abundant exercise and nurturing, appropriate medical attention, and the freedom to live according to their natural instincts as much as possible.

How to use the essences: Put 2-4 drops from either the dosage bottle or the stock bottle in their water bowl each time it is filled up (at least once a day). That way the animals get the energy of the essence every time they drink. 

Don’t worry about the other animals at home or in the barn/field, it is okay if they get some of the essences are well. You can also make two containers of water: one with the essences and one without, so everyone gets to choose.

When you use our sprays: use the spray as a room spray in their surroundings, bedding or stall. The spray is very helpful if immediate support is needed. Do not spray the animal directly (keep at least 3 ft distance).

We have created a Combination Formula specifically for animals: Animal Care, drops and spray. Animal Care is useful for every animal in need and every case in which the animal can use some help to get back in touch with its true nature:

  • animals who have ended up in shelters for any reason
  • inadequate care, abusive situations
  • restricted access to nature
  • animals that go to their ‘forever’ homes
  • moving to a new family
  • big changes coming up
  • sleeping problems

Some other Combination Formulas that are great for animals:

Soul Support, our emergency formula is useful in every stressful situation:

  • sick, being in the hospital (take them yourself too!)
  • feeling miserable, pain
  • going to dentist, veterinarian
  • transport
  • fights or arguments in the family
  • a person or animal dies (take them yourself too!)
  • after trauma, accidents, shock, injury
  • fireworks, thunderstorms
  • in any case YOU are nervous and stressed

Guardian, our ‘healthy boundaries’ formula. Whenever an animal needs to feel more protected:

  • oversensitive, skittish
  • over-reactive to influences in their environment
  • exhibiting aggressive behavior with other animals and people
  • lunging and hysterical barking

These Combination Formulas are great to start with and use for a few months. They will establish a basic structure of care that will be very helpful in many circumstances. But, working with essences is often a journey, which means that more and other essences may be needed to remove layers and resolve issues.

Specific flower, gem or environmental essences can go to the core of an issue and help the animal get back in balance again. For example, the animal might initially need essences for protection and grounding, and then after that it will be ready to release a layer of trauma that they couldn’t previously process.

Use the drops continuously for at least a month before evaluating how your animal is doing. The formulas mentioned here are great to start with. If you still feel your animal is not happy, then see what other essences may be helpful. You can choose intuitively, use the repertory, work with the flower cards, or ask a practitioner.

If nothing seems to be working, think of the possibility that the animal is mirroring its people. And, of course the practical things should be taken care of!