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IN LOVING MEMORY STEVE JOHNSON 5/13/1953 - 3/17/2017

We would like to thank you all so much for all the lovely and heartfelt wishes you have sent us regarding Steve’s passing. We received a lot of emails, cards, Facebook messages from all over the world. This has all been truly heartwarming.


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Steve was a true pioneer of the essence world. He was one of the first people to create an Environmental Essence. This experience of co-creating an essence with the environment opened awareness to the enormous healing power that is offered by the expressions of Nature’s elements of air, earth, fire, and water. Where flower essences facilitate growth in spiritual consciousness and gem elixirs help us anchor and embody these changes, the gift of environmental essences is energy for change.  Environmental essences are very catalytic in their action. Use them when you feel resistance or lack of energy in your healing or spiritual journey. They bring life force into the healing process accelerating the work initiated by flower essences, providing a powerful support for change and transformation at very deep levels. 

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