March 2020 - Energetic Support and Protection

This month we want to feature some essences that may be helpful in chaotic times like these. Essences can help us stay present and connected to our Source so we trust in our guidance. They help maintain our strength by cleansing and fortifying our energy field. Essences help us stay calm, grounded and centered, even when the latest news reports come in. Essences support a positive attitude so outside influences don't add more stress to our lives.

The following essences to help us with Energetic Support and Protection are 25% off for the month of March:

Purification * Guardian * Soul Support * Aragonite * Northern Coral Root * Gigha Quartz 

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Purification ‘Space Clearing Formula’ contains the four most powerful cleansing and releasing essences in our repertory. This formula is designed to purify our personal energy field and the space around us, including our home and work environments. It revitalizes, balances and stimulates the renewal of energy on all levels of our energy system. Purification helps to release unwanted or stagnant energy from the mind, heart or physical body. Purification spray is helpful for any space that needs to be refreshed. 

Guardian ‘Healthy Boundaries Formula’ creates a powerful force-field of protection in our aura. It invokes positive, harmonious energy to help us claim our energetic space, maintain our grounding, and to feel the protection of strong healthy boundaries when out in public. This combination formula will increase our feeling of safety and wil help us create the space we need for rest and rejuvenation.

Soul Support ‘Emergency Formula’ is our go-to rescue life-line that we recommend in any stressful situation. We continue to discover new and powerful ways this amazing formula supports us. This formula will bring us back into our body after experiencing trauma and shock. It will especially help calm the mind and body of fear and chaos. Keep a ¼ oz bottle in your pocket or purse and a 1 oz bottle on your kitchen counter and desk at work. We keep a bottle of Soul Support spray in the glove box of the car and an extra ¼ oz on hand to give to a stranger in need.

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Aragonite gem elixir promotes energetic hygiene and independence. It facilitates the release of interpersonal energy connections that are no longer useful so we can return to a state of energy independence. It also helps us disengage from one project to move on to a different task with a completely different focus. This gem elixir is grounding. It helps us to be fully present and connected to the Earth and our Source, making it easier to move into and through the situations we attract, regardless of the dynamic and who or what is involved.

Northern Coral Root flower essence teaches us how to transform and recycle energetic toxins and debris back into light. Toxic energy is simply energy that has served its purpose and needs to be released to its next logical phase of evolution. In other words, it has become non-serving energy in search of a new purpose. This essence reminds us that everything is Light, and by allowing all distorted energy to return to its original, Divine pattern, we are just finishing the co-creative cycle. Northern Coral Root is also a very important essence for Space Clearing. It can be used to release stagnant and distorted emotions, thought-forms, and other energetic debris from any enclosed space or piece of land. In a larger context, it can also help to transform the thought forms of fear, hysteria and rumor that often accompany large cataclysmic events.

Gigha Quartz environmental essence provides many levels of healing. The quartz formation embodies an ancient and sacred energy with the power to shift our grounding and alignment in profound ways. It is a crystallization of light and energy that contains deep wisdom and knowledge of the ancient secrets of the Earth. It embodies a complete marriage of the elements and represents the foundation of the planet. This essence can take us to those places within ourselves. Primarily, Gigha Quartz is a grounding essence, encouraging us to become more present in a soft and empowering way. As we become more grounded, the essence helps us build up our inner core strength and discipline to maintain a deeper alignment with the planet. This alignment enables us to live our lives with a physical and energetic posture that is more upright, self-contained and authentic, leading to a greater expression of our power and creativity.