July 2020 - Stability and Grounding with twelve essential Gem Essences  

This month we are featuring twelve gem essences that complement and enhance flower essence use. These twelve gem essences provide stability and strength for all phases of your healing process.

What are gem essences and how are they made?
At Alaskan Essences, we use mineral specimens to make essences in the same way we make flower essences. An infusion made from the energy imprint of a specific mineral is called a gem elixir or gem essence. Each of our gem elixirs are co-created in a unique natural environment in Alaska with a conscious consideration of the particular elemental qualities the locations embody. We utilize the energy of bogs, meadows, glaciers, rivers and glacial lakes to support and anchor the healing quality of each specific stone.

Why are gem essences important to use?
When our vibration increases as a result of our spiritual growth, our body often requires support to embody the energetic changes. Gem elixirs help us anchor the expanding consciousness in our body, making it easier to maintain stability during times of spiritual growth. They strengthen the connection between our consciousness, physical body and the Earth, providing strength and stability for deep healing and integration.

How do gem essences work?
The action of gem elixirs is direct and immediate—they adjust our inner flow of energy so we feel grounded and comfortable in our physical body. They help to cleanse, activate, and recharge the chakras and our etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual subtle bodies so we function as we were designed to, as a unified whole.

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Ruby: improving our connection with the earth
Ruby gem elixir is helpful when we feel ambivalence about being present in the physical body or have a tendency to disconnect from the body during times of chaos and upheaval. Ruby cleanses, balances, and energizes the first (base) chakra. It promotes unhindered energy circulation throughout the aura and the physical body.  Ruby gem elixir is very useful for people who have a top-down focus to their energy fields, when auras are stronger at the top and weaker at the bottom. NOTE: Ruby gem elixir is also one of the ingredients in Soul Support 'Emergency Formula' and Easy Learning 'Focus and Integration Formula!.

Red Quartz: awareness of our energetic interactions with others
Red Quartz gem elixir is helpful when we feel physical and energetic vulnerability in the sacral area of our body. It brings stability protection, and containment to the second (sacral) chakra. It also helps us become more aware of the energy and information we are sending and receiving at this level. Red Quartz helps us contract our energetic boundaries. It restores emotional and sexual integrity when our sexual expression has been compromised or misaligned by emotional pain and trauma. Red Quartz reminds us of how it feels to be safe and secure in our physical bodies. As we strengthen these qualities they will be mirrored more strongly by our surroundings and by those we attract to us.

Gold: empowerment through knowing and feeling our true value
Gold gem elixir brings strength, solidity, and balance to the third chakra (solar plexus) which is the energetic core of our personal power and self-esteem. When we don’t or can’t sense our inherent value we can feel powerless and threatened, and susceptible to having the values of others imposed upon us. Gold essence helps us embrace our inner value and tap into our inner truth, joy, and wisdom as a constant source of creative power, so we can express who we really are. It empowers us with fresh eyes to see value in ourselves and others when we didn’t see it before. This is the go-to gem elixir for increasing self-esteem and confidence in our ability to create! Note: Gold gem elixir is also one of the ingredients in our Go-Create 'Abundance Formula'.

Chrysoprase : feeling at home in Nature and on the Earth
This lovely green stone embodies the energy of love for the Earth. Its essence is helpful when we feel alienated or not at home on the planet. It helps bring the fourth (heart) chakra into a harmonious union with the heart chakra of the Earth, helping us accept the Earth as our home and to feel the pleasure of being part of it. Chrysoprase helps us focus on a more heart-centered and grounded position, which calms our emotions and unwinds the tension of worry and frustration. It is an antidote to overwork by encouraging us to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, rather than constantly surrendering to the compulsion of getting things done. There will always be more to do, and if ‘doing’ is our primary focus, we will eventually lose our vitality and burn out. Chrysoprase reminds us that the nurturing and nourishment we need to thrive comes from our enjoyment of life.

Lapis Lazuli: a primary essence for communication
Lapis Lazuli helps us release concern or tension about speaking, especially about delicate and difficult subjects. It supports us in choosing the right words to express precisely what we want to say. This gem elixirs opens and regulates our channels of communication by connecting the hearing ability of the fifth (throat) chakra with the innate knowing and wisdom of the sixth (third eye) chakra. It helps us communicate information of a higher nature in a clear and understandable way. This is a great essence for speakers, teachers, intuitive practitioners and writers. Lapis Lazuli essence is also one of the ingredients in Beyond Words 'Communication Formula'!

Sapphire: acting in alignment with our life purpose
Sapphire gem elixir connects us to the energetic support of the Earth so we can do the work we came here to do. It helps when we feel unsupported and lack inspiration and commitment because we are unaware of our life purpose. This essence is for those who are called to do work that is inspired by spirit but don’t feel supported by the spiritual dimension. Sapphire works by increasing our awareness that we are supported. It reminds us of the unconditional support of the spiritual realms that is part of our contract with the Divine. The more we activate our life purpose, the more obvious this divine support will be. Note: Sapphire essence is also one of the ingredients in our Go-Create 'Abundance Formula'.

Brazilian Quartz: allowing yourself to be fully grounded
The essence of cleansing white light energizes and synchronizes our subtle bodies, chakras and the physical body with the Earth’s natural vibration. This is a great essence to use when we feel tired or have low energy and feel out of sync. Brazilian Quartz essence brings a grounded, present time focus to the entire energy system. This essence is particularly useful whenever a person's energetic connection with the earth has been disrupted due to shock or trauma. In this context, it will work to release the stress and disharmony from the situation so full communication can be reestablished between that person's body, their personal energy field and the Earth.

Green Jasper: improving the flow of feminine energy in the body
This gem elixir strengthens our connection to the earth, increasing our vitality and our healthy expression of earthly sensuality. It opens the first chakra and the chakras in our feet to allow soft and gentle energy from the Earth to flow upwards and envelope the heart with love. This essence releases congestion along the energy pathways that lie between the earth and the heart. It specifically promotes a consistent flow of sexual energy when there has been a disruption to the natural flow because of surgery, shock or the trauma of abuse. Green Jasper opens us to the energy and grace of the wild feminine.

Amazonite: cleansing and releasing rooted emotional energy
Amazonite gem elixir is helpful when we have difficulty processing and releasing emotions from the distant past, especially if we have given up before we even started because of a defeatist attitude. It facilitates a clearing of our heart and our emotional bodies so that we can communicate more easily with other living beings. It cultivates our inherent emotional strength by catalyzing a joyful and necessary cleansing of old emotional burdens and congestion.

Aventurine: moving through difficult transitions with grace
Aventurine essence increases our stamina and perseverance, making it especially helpful for spiritual trailblazers and pioneers. This essence spurs us forward when limiting beliefs or fear of the unknown make us want to quit in the face of obstacles. It provides extra strength and stability when our resolve is being tested, and when we are faced with major life-changing decisions. It helps us gain a new level of trust in ourselves so we can move out of our control and comfort zone to explore the edge of the unknown.

Fire Opal: awareness of the source of our vitality
Fire Opal releases blockages in our energy pathways to allow more Earth energy to rise up into the body and all of the chakras. It helps the body learn to hold on to this additional energy rather than making it available for immediate use, so reserves can be built up. Fire Opal helps us when we feel exhausted, depleted and chronically tired from overwork and poor energy management. It is indicated when our lifestyle and work habits are not nourishing our physical body and we lack the energy to make the necessary changes. This essence helps us move from a place of, "I do or do not have energy,” to "I am energy.” Therefore, this essence can form the basis of a long-term rejuvenation program for those who are suffering from chronic tiredness and fatigue.

Covellite: support and protection for the highly sensitive
Covellite gem elixir addresses feelings of vulnerability, especially for those who feel threatened by other people, stressful situations or by the environment in general. The degree of vulnerability we feel is directly related to the integrity of our energy field, which can be compromised by past trauma and injury. Covellite rebuilds the energy matrix in the areas of the aura that have been most impacted so we can experience a sense of solidity and strength instead of vulnerability and defensiveness. Note: Covellite essence is also an important ingredient in our Guardian 'Healthy Boundaries Formula'.