Empower Yourself in Facing Challenges Big or Small

Have you ever had one of those days when your car broke down on the way to work, your communication was off or your words were misunderstood, emails were lost, and your computer had a major hiccup and the backup failed? Some days, challenges both small and large can pile up! 

How do you respond when these things happen? Do you dwell on the challenges and allow them to influence your mood? Are you easily distracted and pulled off center? Or do you easily find a place of calm and move forward with positive action? Sometimes it’s easy to feel centered again and other times it takes forever to find that place of calm.

If you want to empower yourself in facing challenges big or small, then take a look at the flower essences and gem elixirs we are featuring for the month of July. These essences encourage mental calmness and clarity, and they help you stay centered and grounded. This support can help you consciously find and create positive solutions when faced with challenges and chaos. We find these essences to be very helpful allies when surfing life's waves of extreme energies.

The following flower and gem essences are discounted by 25% till July 31st:

Valerian - Bladderwort - Jadeite Jade - Rutilated Quartz - Chocolate Lily - Green Garnett
1/4 oz $7.50 (regular $10)
1 oz $11.25 (regular $15)

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Valerian Flower Essence: relaxed alertness, calming and energizing 
Valerian’s dual energy both calms and energizes. It provides a feeling of being at rest and having energy at the same time. This essence is for anyone who is continuously busy and pushing past the point of tiredness until it is difficult to relax the mind and body. Valerian can help you maintain a relaxed state of alertness during the day, even when you’re involved with intense mental activity. And most importantly, it teaches you to acknowledge your natural urge to sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry, or walk outside when you are restless. Valerian advocates enjoying the moment over worrying about the future by encouraging a sensual experience of life instead of a thought-filled experience of life. As you notice more of what is present in each moment, the moments last longer and your perception of time is altered.

Bladderwort Flower Essence: seeing through illusion, knowing the truth
My inner knowing shatters all illusion. My path of action is illuminated by the simple beauty of the truth." Bladderwort addresses the issue of discernment by supporting the development of a deep inner-knowing that illuminates all areas of your life. The saying that you can’t see the forest for the trees is very applicable here. Illusion is a network of energy made of the thoughts and feelings surrounding a given circumstance, and we often can’t see the truth because of preconceived notions about what the truth should look like. When you are faced with the dishonesty of others, you can be blinded or deceived by the illusions that others project. Clear insight and keen judgment are necessary to determine the path of action to serve your highest good. Bladderwort essence strengthens your ability to see what lies at the core of an issue, regardless of any illusory energy that might be surrounding it. 

Jadeite Jade Gem Elixir:  the energy of ease and simplicity
Jadeite Gem Elixir enables your heart to be peaceful and at rest in the present moment, creating the energy of ease and simplicity. It is helpful when intense experiences pull you out of your center and make things seem harder than they need to be. In extreme cases, Jadeite Jade can help reverse over-identification with chaos and addiction to drama. It penetrates through layers of striving, busyness, and confusion to the true self that resides within you. On a very practical level, Jadeite Jade can help shift your lifestyle from complex and complicated to easy and elegant. Once you experience the timelessness of the present moment, you can understand how anxiety, stress, and struggle move you away from your center, and how relaxation allows you to move back in. As you become more centered, it's easier to identify and release belongings, habits, and behavior that do not contribute to your experience of joy and simplicity.

Rutilated Quartz Gem Elixir: precision alignment with higher sources of energy 
Rutilated Quartz helps to stabilize your connection with your Higher-self so you can integrate and understand your own internal guidance. It helps when you are overwhelmed by the amount of energy and information coming in from nonphysical sources. It cultivates discernment that allows you to remain open to what is available without losing focus and getting lost in the flow. Rutilated Quartz is also helpful when you have a short attention span—when you are interested in everything and don’t want to miss out on anything, and when you find yourself over-tired and faced with a lot of mental work. It works by narrowing the focus of your attention and grounding it more into the physical body. This reduces the amount of information coming in, but increases the clarity, and therefore your comprehension of what is being received.

Chocolate Lily Flower Essence: your center as your source of vitality
Chocolate Lily helps you establish a deep and quiet inner perspective, so you can move from agitation and worry to a calm and centered present-time awareness. It helps you receive your life experiences with more spaciousness and less reactivity. Use Chocolate Lily essence when you find yourself being over-reactive to situations beyond your control or when you experience fatigue after over-extending yourself. This essence teaches you that when you are more present, it’s easier to become even more present. It will help you connect deeper to your center, and to experience your center as a source of vitality. 

Green Garnet Gem Elixir: grounding your energy vertically, stabilizing horizontally
Green Garnet grounds your energy, focus, and consciousness into the Earth plane. It is helpful when you have a tendency to become over expanded and find it difficult to stay focused in the present moment. It facilitates vertical grounding and horizontal stability to help when you are ungrounded, scattered, and easily overwhelmed. It works with the two-way flow of energy and information between the heart and the first chakra, facilitating a softer and more intimate relationship with the earth.