Everyone experiences fear, but not everyone wants to talk about it. Life can be full of challenging events and choices, triggering a fear that we may not have been aware of before.
Making important decisions can be especially daunting because of the unknown consequences. Sometimes we realize that the once safe and familiar path is actually leading us to unhappiness and it is fear that prevents us from changing direction.

Some examples of things that can trigger fear:

  • When you or someone you love is diagnosed with a serious disease, there may be fear of dying or of losing someone.
  • You want to speak your truth, but you fear the response of others.
  • Divorce or losing a job may bring up fears of the unknown and questions like, ‘where do I go,’ ‘how do I start a new life,’ and, ‘what about the mortgage?’ Maybe even more so when it is you that wants to step out of an unhealthy relationship or quit your job to change career.

    For the month of October, we have selected six essences to help you bolster your courage and tap into the confidence within. These essences help you build trust in your ability to make good choices, strengthen your intuition, and help you stay true to yourself as you step into the unknown. These essences are 25% off during the month of October!

    False Hellebore * Peridot * Round-Leaved Sundew * Yellow Violet * Monkshood * Aventurine 
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    False Hellebore – releasing fear from the heart
    False Hellebore essence promotes the release of false concepts and old ways of viewing life that may cause you to become inflexible and stuck on your path. This essence is helpful when you feel insecure and are holding back because of a fear of moving forward. It catalyzes movement from the old to the new and helps you face your deepest, darkest fears. When there is resistance to being here in a physical body on the earth, this essence shows you there is nothing to fear about being here, because fear can only appear when your focus is on the past or the future. False Hellebore helps us maintain a strong and profoundly nurturing connection with the earth, making it easier to stay in the present moment where fear cannot manifest. Click here to order.

    Peridot – support for new beginnings
    Peridot gem elixir is helpful when you experience fear and insecurity during the beginning phase of any new experience. It provides gentle support during times of transition and change. Its soft and protective energy helps you feel safe and secure when you’re challenged to move beyond or outside of your usual safety zone into new areas of life. Many people, when faced with a new and potentially threatening situation, will either try to manipulate the situation or avoid it altogether to maintain their sense of safety. In such instances, Peridot encourages us to open our hearts in trust, and in doing so, make the 'transition' zone part of our 'safety' zone. This results in the creation of authentic safety where we can dwell without doubt, stress or fear. Click here to order.

    Round-Leaved Sundew let go of resistance to change
    The essence of Round-Leaved Sundew is helpful when you are attached to the known and fear the unknown—when you prefer the struggle of what you know over the unknown aspects of change. In the natural course of personal growth, you are given opportunities to surrender your attachment to the known and venture into the unknown. When this surrender occurs, you are able to release your identification of the limited-self, to identify instead with the unlimited source of your being. Our task is not to diminish the ego, but rather to give it appropriate acknowledgment and support. This essence teaches us how to bring the strength and tenacity of the ego into harmony and balance with the wisdom and guidance of the Higher-Self. When our ego and Higher-Self function together, they bring us closer to a reunification with the source of all life. Click here to order.

    Yellow Violet - confidence in expressing yourself and your truth
    Yellow Violet essence is helpful when your self-expression is blocked by the fear of being judged or ridiculed, or when there is a challenge or controversy around the topic of discussion. Yellow Violet is all about fearlessness. It restores a deep-seated belief in yourself and confidence in your abilities. The message of this essence is, "When you are filled with your Soul and Spirit, there is no room for fear. It is very simple, just BE!" This essence also promotes a stronger inflow of communication from the higher self and the angelic and spiritual realms. This support not only helps you be present in the world, it also encourages you to express yourself truthfully and without compromise. Click here to order.

    Monkshood courage to let your true self be seen by others
    The Monkshood essence is for sensitive individuals who are fearful of sharing their private self with others and who avoid deep emotional contact. They may also find it difficult to be in close proximity to others because they lack well-defined energetic boundaries. The Monkshood plant has a strong energy field and well-defined boundaries. Its essence can be used to greatly improve the strength and delineation of our own boundaries. This, in turn, enables us to create and maintain a protected inner space. As we focus on and align with this sacred inner space, we are able to discern deeper levels of ourselves, and powerful aspects of our Divine nature that were previously beneath our conscious comprehension. This awareness of our inner divinity enables us to project our true spiritual identity out into the world. As a result, we are empowered to let go of our inner burdens, drop the heaviness from our hearts, and relate to the world with fearlessness. Click here to order.

    Aventurine – for spiritual trailblazers and pioneers
    Aventurine gem elixir brings extra strength and stability when you need to make major life-changing decisions. It helps you gain a new level of trust in yourself, so you can move out of your control zone and become more comfortable exploring the edge of the unknown. This requires a willingness to loosen your grip on your deepest fears, and in some cases dismantle the ego structures that have kept you at your desired levels of safety. Aventurine enables you with a direct experience of safety by supporting you in being present with ‘what is,’ without any constrictive survival mechanisms. This gem elixir connects us to our own inherent heart-centered courage that inspires us to open ourselves more than ever before to the joy and excitement of living. Click here to order.