September 2020: Staying aligned -The foundation of wellbeing   

When our mind, body and spirit are aligned and whole, the circumstances of life and the world around us have less influence on our wellbeing. Being aligned is not difficult, but it does require focusing on the things that bring us joy and connecting with the life-giving energy of Source.

How often do you find yourself resisting your current circumstances by thinking, if only this or that would change or happen, then I would feel better? We all know life doesn't work that way. There is always something else to worry about or another unexpected thing that happens. We gain control of our lives by choosing joy and aligning with Source. This alignment provides stability and trust in ourselves, so we don't continue to wait for the outside world to change to feel good.

The following six flower and gem essences are here to help us focus on the things in life that bring us joy so we can thrive in challenging and adverse circumstances. They help us become aware of our core self and our connection with Source so we can experience life's constant stream of wellbeing. When we are connected with this limitless flow of life-giving energy, we can bring consciousness and change to the Earth with our words and actions, and our lives will unfold with more ease and less resistance.

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Lilac flower essence opens the crown chakra and provides the whole energy system with an infusion of light from Source. It brings a strong over-lighting presence that is quite tangible and generous. This essence reminds us that opening to Source is not work, it is joy, and through the act of opening, alignment occurs. This alignment is not so much mechanical, rather, it is a natural, automatic response because each chakra wants to open to this generous, loving energy. Lilac offers an unconditional quality of healing energy that is available to us regardless of our stories, issues or degrees of misalignment. It helps us understand that it doesn't matter what has happened to us or what our current attitude is, we can choose to open to the light from wherever we are, and it gently and sweetly reminds us to keep making that choice.

Angelica flower essence helps us connect with the abundance of spiritual support and angelic protection that is available to us all. It is helpful when we feel overburdened by life, isolated, anxious, lost, abandoned, or without spiritual protection. It encourages us to approach life with openness and a focused willingness to receive. Angelica offers protective energy from an absolute focus of light where nothing of a lower vibration can intrude. Embracing this light enables us to emerge fully into the physical realm without resistance, connected to the earth and not drifting around in the spiritual realm. As we open to the support and protection of this essence, we experience safety, comfort and pleasure. Calm and at ease, old memories of not being safe are healed and we can face life’s challenges regardless of their severity.

Moldavite gem essence is good for those who have difficulty connecting with cosmic sources of guidance within themselves, and who think they have to ask someone else for assistance. This essence helps us stay present in the body, in the moment, where we can access information from our non-physical sources. It teaches us that we have everything we need without going anywhere, providing a vital perspective to better express our earthly potential. As we become more practiced in the process of accessing our own guidance, we gain a more grounded sense of empowerment, so whenever the need for insight or clarity arises, there is confidence and knowing that the answers will be there.

Northern Twayblade flower essence is helpful in two unique ways. First, this essence increases the ability of well-grounded individuals who are comfortable in the physical world, to perceive subtle aspects of consciousness. This essence also helps these individuals develop an attunement to the subtle realms of nature. On the other hand, if an individual already possesses a sensitivity to these subtle realms, this essence will help them ground this awareness more fully into their physical body and experience. In either case, this essence works by catalyzing the release of fear and resistance held in deep levels of the heart. This helps us prepare and maintain a place where the spiritual can work together in an increasingly harmonious partnership with the physical. Such a partnership is necessary if we are to come to the deepest possible understanding of how all physical manifestation is truly a manifestation of the Divine.

Scepter Amethyst gem elixir is helpful when we lack spiritual perseverance or are unable to take an active stand for what we believe. This essence works by strengthening the central vertical axis, the main energy pathway running through the body, and by clearing any blockages to our understanding of how we can best be of service in this lifetime. It gives strength and support to follow our spiritual path and helps us embody a higher level of spiritual authority and quality of leadership. This essence is perfect for anyone with questions or worries about the future. It brings a strong spiritual focus to our decision-making process and helps us know without a doubt when the options and possibilities available to us are aligned with our deepest truth. Its message is, as long as this focus is predominant, the Universe will take care of the details.

Prickly Wild Rose flower essence helps us manifest and maintain an aura of openness and courageous interest in life in the face of seemingly adverse circumstances. From such openness and faith, comes a sense of calm and the knowledge that we will continue to blossom and our hopes will come to fruition. It is a great essence to use when we feel hopeless, lack trust and faith in ourselves and others, and when we tend to retreat into ourselves when facing painful situations. This essence is particularly helpful for those who have become disinterested in life because of perceived failures and lost opportunities. It can help us let go of past difficulties, look at our challenges and accomplishments honestly, and look forward to the future with joy, optimism, and excitement