September 2019 - Feeling at Home on Earth ~ Flower Essences for Safety and Grounding

Last week a customer asked which essences would be helpful for the newborn baby she was going to adopt. I was pleased to know that this little human being was going to be supported with flower essences from a very young age, during a very significant time in her life. As an adult you may still be impacted by things that happened to you at a very early age. As a child, were you able to fully incarnate and connect with the Earth, or did something happen to make you feel unsafe or unwelcome?

Many people feel like they don’t really fit in, like they were dropped off on the wrong planet or maybe with the wrong family. In the growing-up process, one may gain a better sense of why they are here, but when certain things happen it is easy to fall back into old feelings of not belonging.

Have you ever wondered or thought:

  • why you are here
  • why you were born into this family, country, religion or era
  • that the world is just too rough and unsafe
  • you prefer to be by yourself
  • you can’t seem to find a place to call home
  • you don’t understand why certain events have happened in your life

    For many, feeling safe and at home on the planet can be a long journey. Strengthening your connection with the environment will help you feel at home in your body and nurtured by the Earth. With that comes the realization that this planet is indeed your home and the Earth is your true Mother. You rose up from her and you belong to her—she wants you to connect with her and share the energy. The following flower essences can help you make this connection. They are telling us:

    Grounding doesn’t mean you’ll get stuck in the earthly mud. When you are grounded you can embody more spiritual energy and live your Soul’s purpose. The deeper the roots, the higher the branches!

    These six Flower Essences are discounted by 25% thru September 30!

    Shooting Star * Devil's Club * Northern Lady's Slipper * Green Bells of Ireland * Cow Parsnip * Alaska Violet

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    Shooting Star essence is helpful when you don’t feel you belong on the Earth, feel unsupported while being here, or are feeling homesick for a place you cannot identify. It helps to develop a clear sense of your purpose on Earth and a practical understanding of how to fulfill that purpose. It is especially helpful when you have been involved in programs of personal growth and healing for some time and have a conscious understanding regarding your true purpose in life, but want to apply this knowledge in a new or more direct and effective way. Shooting Star can also be a catalyst for the removal of the pain and trauma remaining in the body because of a difficult birth experience.

    Devil’s Club essence helps you experience peace from knowing you are secure and in harmony with your surroundings. When you see Devil's Club in a forest, you understand why this essence helps us claim our space and feel protected. Devil’s Club is a shrub that grows five to ten feet tall and forms dense thickets that can be difficult or impossible to penetrate. The large leaves have spines on their veins and stems, and the central woody trunk of each plant is completely covered with spines. This essence helps clears any ambivalence about being present in your physical body and on the Earth. As it helps you feel safer, it can also support you in expressing your truth firmly and clearly from the heart.

    Northern Lady’s Slipper essence is helpful for those who are just beginning life on the physical plane, and it can be a positive catalyst for adults who are involved with healing the unresolved trauma of their inner child. No matter your age, trauma held deeply in your physical and energetic bodies can lead to a weak body/soul connection, resistance to fully being here, and feeling unsupported by life. Many people will maintain this resistance until they feel safe enough to complete the process of incarnating onto the physical plane. Northern Lady’s Slipper facilitates the restoration of the vital body/spirit connection by supplying a very gentle quality of energetic support. This loving energy helps release layers of emotional and physical tension that have accumulated around the initial trauma, without having to re-experience the trauma as it is being released. To help babies that have experienced difficult gestation and birth add this essence to the baby’s bathwater immediately after the birth  and give as needed during the early days and months of life.

    Green Bells of Ireland essence helps you make a conscious connection between your personal energy field and the energy field of the planet. It is especially useful for newborns who are being presented with their first opportunity to do so. The degree of consciousness and awareness you embody concerning your relationship with nature is especially important for those living in crowded urban environments, where the naturally occurring plant, animal, and elemental communities have been greatly subdued or even removed. On a deep level, this essence helps open your heart and fine-tune your perceptions to Earth frequencies of energy. This enhances your awareness of, and communication with, the intelligent nonphysical light beings that inhabit the kingdoms of nature.

    Cow Parsnip essence can help you master qualities of flexibility and adaptation to create a sense of being at home anywhere on the planet. It encourages peace of mind when you feel you have no place to call home, a sense of contentment when you are drifting from place to place, and heighten your inner strength when you feel powerless to direct your life. Cow Parsnip’s genus name, Heracleum, honors Hercules, who traveled widely during his twelve labors. Cow Parsnip is also a wide traveler, ranging from central Alaska to the southwestern United States and eastward to Newfoundland. Like the mythological god Hercules, this plant is stately and strong. Its wide range, stout physical structure, and robust growth rate are evidence of its ability to put down roots and thrive in a variety of different locations and habitats. This is an important essence for the times, especially for travelers and for those relocating from one part of the country to another. The message is, it is not where you are, but the strength and depth of your connection that is important.

    Alaska Violet essence supports you as you seek the right energetic relationship between yourself, others, and the environment. It creates a quiet place inside where the flame of love and enthusiasm for your life's work can be nourished and protected, helping you actualize your life purpose in a practical way on the physical plane. This essence can help you feel more welcome in a family or group, especially when you tend to be overly cautious or introverted.