January 2020 - Essences to Quiet your Mind

What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that.” ― Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

It can be difficult to fall asleep at night when our brain is still processing the day and thinking ahead for tomorrow. When big things are happening in the world, like the fires in Australia or the threat of a war, it can be even more difficult to relax our minds. We all know it would be good to take a few moments each day to just sit still and quiet our minds, but we’re often distracted or too busy. Creating distance from our thoughts can bring inner-peace and create space for inspiration to flow. Stillness is nurturing.

The essences we are featuring this month can help us calm our mind and mental body. They provide a cooling aspect to a 'brain on fire.’ They help us become aware of our thoughts so we are able to stop and redirect the mental chatter. Combined with other meditation or mindfulness practices, these essences encourage deeper resting states where our body and mind can ‘reset.’

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Aquamarine - brings clarity to an overactive mental body
Aquamarine gem elixir brings a calm, cooling clarity to an overactive mental body. When there is too much mental stimulation we lose our focus, may become irritable, and find ourselves in a state of unrest. The preventive action of aquamarine helps us monitor our degree of mental stimulation like a temperature gauge. It helps create a mental oasis of cool, clear receptivity, reversing the results of overwhelm and over stimulation. Aquamarine provides a cool and non-reactive energy to slow down and calm our minds before they get too wired or overheated. It is especially good for situations where the mind, and consequently the nervous system, has been in a prolonged state of excitation and arousal. Children who play video games or watch a lot of television, and adults who spend the whole day in front of a computer and evenings on their phone or in front of a television are particularly susceptible to this. Aquamarine counters this situation by stabilizing and re-grounding the connection between the soul, mind, and heart. This encourages us to move our focus inward, which in turn slows down the rate of input. We can then more easily return to a calm state of mental alertness.

Cassandra - quieting the mind and preparing for meditation
Cassandra encourages a more precise focus into the core of any experience. This stillness of mind helps us ‘be’ while we ‘do.’ It can be used to deepen your meditation process by promoting a sensory relaxation that allows our focus to turn inward where we connect to the ebb and flow of our own life essence. Cassandra can also be used in space clearing. It helps cleanse the air element, which corresponds to the mental body of the house or office. It also has the ability to bring calming, quieting energy into a work environment, and then enclose and protect that space to hold it there. This is very beneficial for people who work at jobs that require them to maintain a strong mental focus over long periods of time.

Stinging Nettle - soothes anxiety and overwhelm
When there is a lot going on and too much information is coming at us we can get overwhelmed and feel overloaded. We may even get upset and disconnected from our center. Stinging Nettle helps to integrate the amount of input coming in and promotes grounding and reconnection after being overwhelmed by too much input. This essence helps those who are highly sensitive and easily over-stimulated to stay connected to the Earth and to their feelings.

Blue Topaz - calms mental agitation
Blue Topaz gem essence is soothing, calming, and clarifying. It’s calm and balancing energy helps dissipate mental confusion and any excess of unorganized thoughts. It strengthens our mental clarity, focus and effectiveness. It also helps us clarify how our spiritual identity can be expressed at the physical level. Blue Topaz is an important essence for these times because it can help us expand our mental capacity and flexibility so we are not easily overwhelmed by our current challenges or intimidated by those looming in the future, whether they be personal or planetary.

Bunchberry - releases attachment to distraction
Bunchberry essence is helpful when we are easily distracted by or caught up in the emotional and mental turmoil of another’s experience. It helps when we have a lack of mental focus and worry about we don’t enough time to complete tasks. Bunchberry helps us become aware of and then release our attachment to distraction. It promotes mental steadfastness, focus, and emotional clarity in demanding situations.

Blue Green Tourmaline - clears, expands, and aligns the heart chakra with the higher self
Blue Green Tourmaline opens the downward flow of spiritual energy through the heart and into the Earth when inner turbulence and agitation from excess mental energy is blocking the downward flow of spiritual energy. It clears, expands and aligns the heart chakra into a more evolved relationship with the Higher Self. This helps us move from distraction and waywardness to quiet, centered strength and self-reflection.

More essences to help quiet your mind:

Polar Ice - stay present in the moment with no anticipation of what is to come
Smoky Quartz - grounding and calming
Jadeite Jade - peace, balance and timeless simplicity 
Valerian - comfort in every day existence
Round-Leaf Orchid - maintaining our center during intense experiences
Chocolate Lily - awareness of the source of our vitality
Red Elder - viewing life from the center rather than the periphery